Accelerate Your Research with Metabolomics

The Unexpected Key to Building Value in Drug Discovery and Development

When it comes to drug discovery and development, there is a lot on the line. It is important to achieve clinical success while securing the next round of funding – no easy feat, especially when you’re sifting through mounds and mounds of data. A focused approach to data discovery rather than a multiple study strategy will help streamline the process, and metabolomics can provide this, and much more.

Metabolomics accelerates research by providing the framework to make a stronger, more confident case for your molecule in a shorter timeframe, allowing you to create a Program Development Dossier that can travel through the development process.

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Harness The True Power of Metabolomics

The Keys to Harnessing the True Power of MetabolomicsOnly Metabolon has all four core metabolomics capabilities, making us the Gold Standard for applying metabolomics to their research.

Coverage: Ability to interrogate thousands of metabolites across diverse biochemical space, revealing new insights and opportunities
Comparability: Ability to integrate the data from different studies into the same dataset, in different geographies, among different patients over time
Competency: Ability to inform on proper study design, generate high‐quality data, derive biological insights, and make actionable recommendations
Capacity: Ability to process hundreds of thousands of samples quickly and cost-efficiently to service rapidly growing demand

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