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Drug research and development programs face extreme competition to secure support from investors, approval from regulators and buy-in from payers. There’s no time to lose, and yet researchers often waste valuable time looking for insights and connections in massive piles of data. A different approach is needed.

Metabolomics is a key component to building value in drug discovery and development at every stage. Not only can metabolomics help streamline this process, without it, you are at risk of missing key insights during target discovery, validation and biomarker discovery.

Metabolomics provides valuable input that builds a robust story about your data to shape a Global Value Dossier, or what we call a Program Development Dossier – a comprehensive data package that includes detailed scientific insight into the molecule’s mechanism of action and relevant clinical biomarkers. Layering in informative data and biomarkers from metabolomics to your dossier will help to build the most robust story to secure funding and move one step closer to approval.

Program Development Dossier Map-1-1

No one else can deliver the comprehensive picture that Metabolon can provide through its 4Cs capabilities.

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